• Arefeen Software Limited

    Productive 25 Year of Satisfaction with ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software solution in Bangladesh

    Arefeen Software Ltd. is incorporating state-of-the-art ERP solutions into your business, which we called Business Operating System Software ( BOSS ). BOSS is a web based, scalable, and user friendly ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software solution framework which can be customized to cater to the need of small & medium sized business organizations.

  • Arefeen Software Limited

    Customer Satisfaction Is Our Motto

    Our goal is to improve performance, maximize IT investments, and, ultimately, create a competitive business advantage for our customers. Our success is built on continuous innovation. You are most welcome to justify our product and support service from our satisfied customers.

  • Arefeen Software Limited

    Maximum Return On IT Investment

    We designs, implements, and supports end-to-end IT solutions and services. Our goal is to improve performance, maximize IT investments, and, ultimately, create a competitive business advantage for our customers.

  • Arefeen Software Limited

    Complete Web Based ERP Solution

    It is a browser based fully integrated real time and online ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software solution. It can be Signed in/Logged in from anywhere in the world, whether from your office or from your home or from customer site or from any other country. It is modular structured, completely browser based and written in ASP.Net (C#) with SQL server Database.

Our Values

We Work For You......

+ Customer Satisfaction Is Permanent To Business Success.

+ Great Teams Build Great Companies.

+ We Are Honest And Fair.

+ We Are Committed To Innovation.

+ We Are Result Oriented.

+ We Aspire To Lead.

Our Mission & Vision

To Run Your Business Effectively And Smoothly By User Friendly Customized Solutions.

+ To maintain the leading software solution provider ensuring benefit of customers, shareholders and employees.

+ Developing a distinctive competence in process development and project management.

Our Services

  • Web Based ERP Software Development.
  • Web Site Development.
  • IT Consultancy.
  • E-commerce Solution.
  • Customer Support & More......

How is this software better than other Software

    1. It is designed considering Bangladeshi Business context

    2. 24/7 hour on line support and Trouble shooting

    3. Quick Customization

    4. Easy report writing facility for user by Crystal report.

    5. Comprehensive warranty/ Yearly Maintenance

    6. Connection less and browser based

    7. Web enabled

    9. Healthy Client List (95 Live Clients) as on December 12 2016.

    10. Module based and integrated

    11. Unlimited user license

    12. Twenty fine (25) Years of experience in Business Application Software.

    13. Industry specific ERP and MRP Solutions

    14. Smart and sound support team.

    15. Bug free tested ready product

    16. Can be used through LAN, WAN or through the Internet

    17. Product Specific Demo with Live data.

    18. World class software at an affordable price.

    19. Because It is not only a software but also a business operating system.


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Management Team

Overview Some of the best minds and talent are a part of Arefeen Software Limited (ASL) Management Team. The leadership team at ASL was also carefully constructed around the idea of balance and synergy. Each member of our team brings a combination of skills.

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